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Management Companies and CAM Licenses

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Many associations do not just hire a manager. They hire an entire management company. The question I get asked at times is whether a management company has to be licensed. The short answer is yes. Their licensure is addressed by Florida Statutes (§468.432) which requires a community association management firm that is responsible for the management of more than ten units or a budget of $100,000 or greater to be licensed with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (“DBPR”).

An application must be submitted to the DBPR and licensure fees paid. Each community association firm applicant shall designate on its application a licensed community association manager to respond to all inquiries and investigations by the state.  Community association management firm licenses expire on September 30 of odd-numbered years and must be renewed every two years.  If the license of at least one individual active community association manager member is not in force, the license of the community association management firm is canceled automatically during that time.

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