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Data Breach Prevention

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Data leaks and hacks are happening every day.  From a small business to a Fortune 500 company, chances are your private information was subject to a leak or a hack and you might not even know it.

Moreover. you might not be aware what type of information these companies have of yours. Imagine all of the information credit card companies collect from you—your address, your credit history, your social security numbers, and your purchase history.

An association is an attractive target for hackers. Think about all of the information the association collects from its residents— names, contact information, credit card information, and social security numbers. Association boards and management should make every effort to prevent and prepare for a cyber security event.

Steps to take to prevent a security breach

  • Training
    • Association boards and management team should be trained in common threats. This is the first line of defense. There are different online resources that you can use to train the board and management team. You can also hire experts to educate and train key personnel. Training will help the individuals identify and protect against threats.
  • Establish Protocols—who can access information within the company
    • Ensure only certain people have access to highly sensitive information. Then ensure passwords are sufficient to protect that information.
  • Make sure third-party vendors are properly vetted
    • Make sure third-party vendors are protecting the information you share with them in an appropriate manner. Research venders and require them to provide information on their own security practices.
  • Do not perform official work over a public Wi-Fi system
    • It is possible for hackers to gain access to sensitive information if you share the same Wi-Fi connection. Next time you are connecting to a public Wi-Fi system, you should carefully consider whether you would care if that information was stolen.
  • Updated security software
    • Ensure your computer and network have appropriate security. By simply searching and reviewing different software, your board can make an educated decision on which software offers the best protection.

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