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“How Does Your Collections Policy Stack Up?,” FLCAJ

Collection of your community’s assessments is critical to maintaining a steady flow of income to support the association’s maintenance responsibilities and maintain the association’s overall fiscal health. Yet with the more urgent day-to-day demands on property managers and volunteer board members, collections can often be neglected or completely overlooked.

On day one, …

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¿Que es la Regla de 80/20?

La ley Federal de Vivienda Equitativa prohíbe la discriminación por motivos de raza, color, religión, género, discapacidad, estado familiar u origen nacional. Varios Estados tienen sus propia Ley de Vivienda Equitativa.  Por ejemplo, la ley contra discriminación de la edad y estado civil se puede encontrar en el Capítulo 760 de los Estatutos de …

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“Who Said What?” When Members Use Social Media and Other Platforms to Inappropriately Communicate about Association Business – Part II

This article is the second part of an earlier article which addressed how board officers should handle their personal and official communications directed to members about association business. Part II of this article addresses how the association should handle unofficial association correspondence between members and the use of various social media platforms, like …

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