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¡FRAUDE! Golpe fuerte para las comunidades latinas

Más y más residentes en condominios y Asociaciones de Propietarios (HOA) mayormente hispanas, están enfrentando no solamente fraude electoral, sino también malversación de fondos, y tal parece que nadie los puede ayudar.

Por ejemplo, el caso de un residente de un condominio en Miami-Dade que ejerció su derecho legal de obtener archivos …

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How Does Your Collection Policy Stack Up?

Collection of your community’s assessments is critical to maintaining a steady flow of income to support the association’s maintenance responsibilities and maintain the association’s overall fiscal health.  Yet, with the more urgent day-to-day demands on property managers and volunteer board members, collections can often be neglected or completely overlooked.

On day one, …

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“Limit on Charging Transfer Fees? ,” Naples Daily News

Q: My condominium association imposes strict limitations on the rental of units.  The condominium documents include a requirement for the board to review and approve all proposed leases and tenants.  The condominium documents also permit the association to charge a fee up to the highest amount the law allows to cover the cost of the …

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