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Condo Term Limits Explained

Q: In the past you have written articles concerning the term limits provision added to the Condominium Act. I was wondering if there have been any updates on that issue and how the term limits now apply to current board members? (V.R., via e-mail)

A: Since the Legislature originally amended the Florida Condominium Act …

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More on the Installation of Security Cameras

The installation of a security camera on condominium common elements is considered a material alteration or substantial addition to the common elements.  In Sterling Village Condo., Inc. v. Breitenbach, 251 S.2d 685, 687 (Fla. 4th 1971), the court defined “material alteration or addition” as follows:

“… as applied to a building, the …

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Tree Maintenance and the Potential Impact of Section 163.045, Florida Statutes

In general, a community association is responsible for operating and maintaining the common areas of the community (in the case of homeowners’ associations), and the common elements (in the case of condominium associations). If there are trees located on these common areas/elements, the association’s maintenance duties will include trimming and even the removal of trees …

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Can You Have Rules Dealing With Children?

In 1988, Congress added “familial status” – defined as including those family groups with children under 18 – to the list of protected groups under the Fair Housing Act. Since that time, condominium and homeowner associations have been discovering that their various rules regulating or prohibiting the use of the association’s facilities by those under …

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