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Can an Association Be Held Liable for Discriminatory Conduct of Residents?

On a daily basis we read about acts of hatred and discrimination occurring in our society.  As residential communities are microcosms of the society at large, associations, too, are increasingly faced with determining how to deal with such issues.  Legal precedent has established that associations may be held liable for discriminatory acts committed by …

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¿Vive Usted en Una Comunidad Que No Acepta Animales?

La mayoría de las asociaciones de comunidad contienen algún tipo de restricción en sus Documentos Rectores.   Algunas asociaciones prohíben todo tipo de mascotas.   Otras limitan el tipo, número y/o tamaño de las mascotas que los propietarios pueden tener en sus unidades.   Y otras asociaciones permiten mascotas, pero solamente en ciertas localidades de la comunidad. …

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ICYMI: Enforcement Tool Belt – Fining/Suspension

In the proverbial “tool belt” of enforcement options available to an association for violations of the rules and regulations, the imposition of fines and suspensions is one that we frequently get questions about due to the procedures that must be followed.  If the process is not followed properly, it may result in invalidation of …

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