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Community Associations Affected by the 2021 Legislative Session Part II

This week continues our annual review of the legislative changes which affect community associations, and continue with the main bill, Senate Bill 630, which took effect July 1, 2021. For the first edition, see Community Associations Affected by the 2021 Legislative Session, published on August 1, 2021.

Transfer Approval Fees

Section 718.112(2)(d)3 of the …

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Community Associations Affected by the 2021 Legislative Session

Beginning this week, this column will begin its yearly review of legislative changes affecting community associations. Today, we will start with the main bill, Senate Bill 630, which became effective July 1, 2021.

Section 627.714(4), Florida Statutes: Insurance Subrogation

The new law provides that if a condominium association’s insurance policy does not provide rights …

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Can Owners Stop the Turnover of a Homeowners’ Association?

In a newly developed community, transitioning control of the association from the developer to the owners is often an anxiously anticipated – and some might say, dreaded – event. Pursuant to Section 720.307, Florida Statutes, transition of control of a homeowners’ association – when members other than the developer are entitled to elect at least …

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Issues to Consider Prior to Installing Security Cameras on the Common Areas – Part I

Many associations now install security cameras on the common areas to guarantee video evidence of any intentional vandalism or negligent actions which result in damage to the common areas, such as a vehicle running into the gate of a gated community. Some association want to install  security cameras as a way of deterring criminal acts …

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Bankruptcy Basics for Community Associations

Associations generate nearly all of their funding through fees and special assessments paid by members of the shared ownership community. Some members who fall behind in their financial obligations may look to bankruptcy as a way to address their debts, so it is helpful for directors and property managers to be familiar with some of …

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