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Florida Supreme Court Rules COVID-19 Pandemic Constitutes “Natural Emergency”

Governor Extends COVID-19 State of Emergency by 60 Days – Opportunities to Extend Certain Permits May Be Available to Associations

Section 252.363(1)(a), Florida Statutes, provides that certain qualifying permits and authorizations are eligible for an extension once certain States of Emergency are declared for the length of time the declaration …

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Backyard Clothesline Causes Flap

Q: There is an ongoing dispute in my homeowners’ association concerning the installation of clotheslines that we are hoping you can resolve. Some owners have stated that they are entitled to install clotheslines on their lots without regulation by the association. The board of directors has stated that while clotheslines may be installed, …

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El avance de la tecnología en las leyes de las asociaciones

Debido a la reciente pandemia del Covid-19, las asociaciones han tenido que modificar los protocolos de reuniones al vuelo.  Más allá de los requerimientos  de distanciamiento social, de la preocupación de los miembros y de las juntas con respecto a la propagación de la enfermedad, así como las ordenanzas que prohíben grupos de más …

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To Notice, or Not to Notice, That Is the Question: Closed Board Meetings

The answer to the question of whether all board meetings must be properly noticed to the members is YES. Even the emergency powers section of the community association statutes require notice to be given as is practicable.

What about “closed board meetings?” The answer remains YES. As you are likely aware, there …

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Slowly Getting Over the Hump: Addressing Speeding with Traffic Calming Devices

Between kids at play, exterior maintenance projects, pedestrians, and cyclists, your association could be seriously impacted by speeders. As a follow up to Jennifer Horan, Esquire’s article “Slow Your Roll: How to Address Speeding Issues in your Association,” published on October 28, 2019, can or should your association install traffic …

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