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There are articles every month covering community association issues, which you can find from a plethora of sources. This magazine, other similar magazines, national magazines, newspaper articles, everyone’s favorite blog, attorney resources, Internet, etc. Most of these articles deal with specific issues, such as short term rentals, or emotional support animals, or the latest …

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Why Should Your Community Consider Trademarking Its Name and Logo?

Many communities rely upon name recognition and a certain style logo to attract attention from potential new purchasers as well as to enhance real property values for existing owners.

I live in a country club community that has a distinct font and logo which is intentionally highlighted on our association website, advertisements, …

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Say What?

In terminating a third party vendor, a board of directors must be careful in disseminating information concerning the basis for its decision – especially if the decision was due to poor performance or contractual violations by the vendor.

In Florida, a cause of action for defamation can be brought against a corporation, …

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The Use of a Power of Attorney Document at Association Meetings and Elections

A power of attorney (“POA”) is a legal document delegating authority (specific rights set forth in the POA) from one person (the principal) to another (the agent). Association boards and managers may have encountered these from members who wish to designate someone else to act on their behalf and many questions arise as a …

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Es la temporada de las reuniones anuales y las elecciones. ¿Está usted seguro que sabe cómo conducir la elección de directores? PRIMERA PARTE.

Primero, tenga en mente que una elección no es necesaria al no ser que haya dos o más candidatos elegibles para una vacante en la junta.    Además, una elección general debe llevarse a cabo a la misma vez, y en el mismo lugar de la reunión anual, independientemente de si hay o no hay …

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