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“Community Associations Threatened With Website Litigation Under the ADA,” Daily Business Review

In the last few months, a growing number of community associations across Florida are being threatened with litigation because their websites are allegedly not friendly to visually impaired users.

The genesis for these association website suits may lie with the holding in the recent Domino’s Pizza v. Robles case. That case was originally brought by a …

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Defending Sea Turtle Lighting Code Enforcement Actions

Have you or your community association been faced with code enforcement violations related to sea turtle lighting? Even the best intentioned can be faced with such an issue in a coastal community.

Kathleen O. Berkey, B.C.S., AICP, a Becker land use and community association attorney and certified land planner who is a Board Certified Specialist in …

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Shedding Light on Sea Turtle Lighting

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and coastal local governments regulate what lighting is permitted to avoid and minimize the impacts to sea turtles, but why is artificial coastal lighting a problem? In the southeastern United States, sea turtle hatchlings begin to hatch throughout the months of June through October, most often at night …

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Back to Basics

There are articles every month covering community association issues, which you can find from a plethora of sources. This magazine, other similar magazines, national magazines, newspaper articles, everyone’s favorite blog, attorney resources, Internet, etc. Most of these articles deal with specific issues, such as short term rentals, or emotional support animals, or the latest …

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Es la temporada de las reuniones anuales y las elecciones. ¿Está usted seguro que sabe cómo conducir la elección de directores? PRIMERA PARTE.

Primero, tenga en mente que una elección no es necesaria al no ser que haya dos o más candidatos elegibles para una vacante en la junta.    Además, una elección general debe llevarse a cabo a la misma vez, y en el mismo lugar de la reunión anual, independientemente de si hay o no hay …

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¿Permite su asociación el uso de la casa club para eventos políticos?

En un marco de Condominio, los Estatutos de la Florida permiten a los propietarios el uso de los elementos comunes (áreas de recreación) para el uso para el cual fueron diseñados. La ley también permite a la Junta de Directores crear y adoptar reglamentos razonables relacionados con el uso de los elementos comunes. En …

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“How Does Your Collections Policy Stack Up?,” FLCAJ

Collection of your community’s assessments is critical to maintaining a steady flow of income to support the association’s maintenance responsibilities and maintain the association’s overall fiscal health. Yet with the more urgent day-to-day demands on property managers and volunteer board members, collections can often be neglected or completely overlooked.

On day one, …

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