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“How Does Your Collections Policy Stack Up?,” FLCAJ

Collection of your community’s assessments is critical to maintaining a steady flow of income to support the association’s maintenance responsibilities and maintain the association’s overall fiscal health. Yet with the more urgent day-to-day demands on property managers and volunteer board members, collections can often be neglected or completely overlooked.

On day one, …

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¿Que es la Regla de 80/20?

La ley Federal de Vivienda Equitativa prohíbe la discriminación por motivos de raza, color, religión, género, discapacidad, estado familiar u origen nacional. Varios Estados tienen sus propia Ley de Vivienda Equitativa.  Por ejemplo, la ley contra discriminación de la edad y estado civil se puede encontrar en el Capítulo 760 de los Estatutos de …

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“Reduce the Stress of Election Season,” FLCAJ

As Floridians begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the summer heat wave tunnel, the specter of election season begins to rise over community association managers and boards of directors. As most community associations hold their annual meetings, elections, and budget meetings toward the end of the calendar year, it is …

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Former Felon Board Member Eligibility

Fla. Stat. §§ 718.112, 719.106 and 720.306 each contain a limitation on an individual’s ability to serve on a community association board of directors if the person is a convicted felon. Specifically, a convicted felon is not eligible to serve on a community association board “unless such felon’s civil rights have been restored for at least …

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PART III – NO PET COMMUNITY – ¿Recibiste una petición legítima?

Continuamos con el tema de animales para apoyo emocional. Aquí hablamos de peticiones legítimas y las excepciones.

¿Qué sucede en una situación donde la persona que hace la petición le proporciona a la asociación una carta de un psiquiatra declarando que hace tres años él o ella diagnosticó a la persona que …

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How to Find an Effective Community Association Lawyer

Community association law is an area of practice that has experienced considerable growth in the past few years. As a result, many unqualified lawyers are jumping on the community association bandwagon. Therefore, your board should do its homework before hiring an attorney.

An effective lawyer can be a huge asset to most …

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What’s Up with All This Traffic? The Impact of Neighboring Development on Community Association Roads.

Whether you know it or not, the roads traveling through your subdivision are likely easements created for the purpose of providing ingress/egress access to public streets. And whether you know it or not, those easements may also benefit neighboring properties, giving them access through your subdivision to a point of entry on a public …

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