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“Caring for the Financial Well-being of the Association,” FLCAJ Magazine

To ensure the financial well-being of the association, boards and managers should focus on at least four factors in the association: budget, reserves, insurance, and collection practices. This article will take a brief look at each of these, but this is not a finite list. It is recommended that you consult with your association attorney and …

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Homeowner Association Confusion & Frequently Asked Questions

Although the term community association encompasses different types of community associations, in Florida, the two predominant forms of community associations are homeowners associations and condominium associations. There are vast differences but also numerous similarities between the two. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion when owners, directors, and/or managers assume the two are the same. Simply put, …

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Reflections On The Lasting Effects Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

No one has a crystal ball to look into the future, but some things are more likely than others. The many media references to the “2020 Bingo Card,” containing any number of unfathomable happenings, supports the idea that no one could possibly have predicted the kinds of questions lawyers are receiving from their community association …

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El avance de la tecnología en las leyes de las asociaciones

Debido a la reciente pandemia del Covid-19, las asociaciones han tenido que modificar los protocolos de reuniones al vuelo.  Más allá de los requerimientos  de distanciamiento social, de la preocupación de los miembros y de las juntas con respecto a la propagación de la enfermedad, así como las ordenanzas que prohíben grupos de más de …

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“Reduce the Stress of Election Season,” FLCAJ

As Floridians begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the summer heat wave tunnel, the specter of election season begins to rise over community association managers and boards of directors. As most community associations hold their annual meetings, elections, and budget meetings toward the end of the calendar year, it is important …

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Weathering the Storm of Unexpected Community Association Financial Needs

In Florida, particularly in the summer months, a beautiful sunny day can suddenly morph into a torrential downpour. Similarly, an association with no obvious financial problems can suddenly find itself in the perfect storm that arises when restrictive financial language in governing documents, unexpected-yet-necessary repairs and a shortage of funds collide. There are various ways …

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