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Elevator Retrofits Required for Safety – Master Elevator Key

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There are various safety retrofits required in the State of Florida, many of them involving elevators and fire safety.  Every building in the State of Florida containing six or more stories is required to retrofit their elevators to allow operation in fire emergency situations with one master key.  Florida’s Department of Financial Services publishes a map showing the seven (7) emergency response regions as well as a list of the vendors authorized to perform the installation and issue uniform keys. The installation must be complete and the property compliant no later than October 1, 2009. Additionally, elevator inspections must be performed annually by a Certified Elevator Inspector or the State of Florida may contract with the County or Municipality for elevator inspection services.  Nonetheless, Section 399.02, Florida Statutes requires the building owner or operator to bear responsibility for obtaining the inspections, the safe operation of the elevator, the proper maintenance of the elevator and correction of any deficiencies noted in the annual inspection.   An elevator maintenance contract will not insulate the building owner or operator (including an Association) from liability for damages or personal injuries.  Elevator maintenance contracts are governed by Section 399.01, Florida Statutes and further requirements are found in the Florida Administrative Code.

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  • Donna Jesse
    August 27, 2009

    I have heard from someone that this LAW (just the other day) has been overturned ..can you verify this
    Not necessarily about the Master Key but for all the recent laws that were forced on Condos?

  • Linda Sommer
    October 27, 2009

    Our sliding glass door recently broke due to cold weather. Magnolia,our condo insurance company has denied our claim because of Florida Statute 718.111.
    They are telling me that the Association is responsible for damages. The glass door looks out to a screened in patio. Are they correct?

  • Donna
    January 19, 2010

    Are condo owners required by state law to provide a key to the onsite property management?
    Response: Florida law allows the association (board/management) the right to access the unit under certain circumstances. Many associations adopt a policy requiring owners to provide a key to facilitate access. Sometimes the requirement to provide a key is in the recorded documents themselves. Condo owners must comply with properly adopted regulations requiring them to supply the association with a key.

  • Paul Masse
    February 13, 2010

    Our condo has four (4) stories. Is there a mandatory upgrading of the elevator that is required by the State of Florida. If so, where can I read the articles of the law?

  • Cathy Kramer
    March 25, 2010

    Florida Law mandates the retrofitting of our 6 story condo bldg. and we must be in compliance by February 1, 2013. Are we required by law to put this before the residents for a vote or can the Board simply award the contract and then advise the residents of their assessment. I thought since the law is in force and we are required by law to update that a vote is not required of the residents.

  • Pat Smirniotis
    April 25, 2010

    I live in a three (3) story Condo bldg. 1st floor Garage, next 2nd floor 18 step is to 1st Condo then 3rd floor 18 steps is to 2nd Condo. There is 4 units per enterance that is enclosed by screen doors. My building has 20 units and 5 enterances. It was builded in 2007. Is there a law that requires an elevator in each enterance. I just moved to Florida and I am having back surgery this Tuesday so I may not get back to this message right a way. Right now I have a Service Dog that has been helping. I am disablied and I do hope this surgery helps. I love where I live but it is every hard for me to get up to my unit. I get complants from every one who deleivers furniture.

  • Sandra Cable
    October 12, 2010

    Am I interpreting this correctly? Our majority owner, who is the board, no longer needs 100% to terminate our corporation and association, can decide not to fix our sinkholes that the insurance is paying for, get three real estate appraisals of our sinkhole property. divide the insurance money and real estate appraisal by our 32 units give us that amount and take over our condos and turn them into apartments like he wants to do?
    That is not much different than a Certificate of Taking. We are all elderly and this is not the time to sell, especially with the sinkhole not repaired.
    Our association is healthy and was not what they had in mind when they passed this law. I am worried sick about this. I will not get enough for another condo or home. Thanks for listeening.

  • James M Caplinger
    February 12, 2011

    Our Home Owner Association is interested in looking into installing solar power on the rooftop and roofs of carports. Property is located in Naples, Florida. My question is how does a HOA go about looking into the feasibility and legal aspects of a project like this? We would use the energy and sell excess to the electric public utility. Thanks
    RESPONSE: Wonderful News. The first thing I would do is research the LEED certified professionals in the area. There is an engineer heavily involved in the green building industry in your area. Dr. Jennifer Languell is the president of Trifecta Construction Solutions in Fort Myers. She can certainly refer you to reputable solar contractors in the area and explain the issues regarding “selling energy back into the grid”. If you produce more energy than your association uses maybe think about a docking station for electric vehicles. Maybe there is a revenue stream in this for the association and an amenity for the owners? Of course our Firm has offices in both Naples and Fort Myers, so please contact me if your association needs assistance untangling the legal issues. Please let me know what happens – I’d love to feature a story on this site.