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Estoppel Fees Have Increased

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In 2017, the Florida Legislature amended the community association statutes to formalize the estoppel certificate process and to establish the amount association were permitted to charge for providing the estoppel certificate. Prior to 2017, the statutes stated that associations could charge a fee for providing an estoppel certificate but did not specify the amount of such fee. Commencing in 2017, the fee for an estoppel certificate was capped at $250, with additional amounts permitted when the unit in question was delinquent or the estoppel certificate was requested on an expedited basis. Further, the legislature provided that every 5 years the Department of Business and Professional Regulation would adjust the amount of the permitted estoppel fees equal to the annual increases for the 5-year period in the Consumer Price Index.

On July 1, 2022, the Department published the updated estoppel fees which are now as follows:

Estoppel Certificate RequestAuthorized Fee
Preparation and delivery of an estoppel certificate Not more than $299
Estoppel certificate requested on an expedited basis and delivered within 3 business days An additional $119
If the unit/parcel is delinquent to the association An additional fee not to exceed $179
For multiple units/parcels owned by the same owner which are simultaneously requested from the same association, and there are no past due monetary obligations owed to the association, the total fee the association can charge may not exceed, in the aggregate

25 of fewer units/parcels, $896

26 to 50 units/parcels, $1,194

51 to 100 units/parcels, $1,791

More than 100 units/parcels, $2,985

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation will next update the fees on July 1, 2027.

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