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Community Update, Volume 05, 2016

In this Issue:

We provide our annual recap of community association happenings at the legislative level. This includes:

  • SB 184 concerning rentals to Service Members
  • SB 130 concerning criminal charges for discharging of firearms
  • HB 971 concerning Community Development Districts
  • SB 190 concerning conservation easements

You will also find insight on the Fire Sprinkler Retrofit requirements and the deadline for opting out of the retrofit. Although December 31, 2016 is months away, waiting until the last minute could backfire, given all that must be done to properly opt-out. If your community is not opting out of the retrofit then it is just as important that the process be commenced to ensure compliance with the final retrofit deadlines (i.e., end of 2019).

Did you Know?

This issue, we provide a link to CALL’s Legislative Guide, a free eBook that provides more detail on the legislative developments of the past year. Differences abound between the Guide and the Newsletter. The Guide is more detailed and includes the ever important Action Steps to be considered by Associations seeking to stay on top of changes in the laws which affect community living.

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