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Statutory Meeting Requirements

Many condominium and homeowners’ associations’ activities are required to have a certain amount of transparency. One way that association activities are made transparent is through statutory provisions requiring most kinds of meetings to be open and noticed to the membership. In fact, applicable laws governing the operation of condominium and homeowners’ associations allow board members …

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Three Common Covenant Enforcement Defenses – Waiver, Estoppel, and Selective Enforcement

Associations frequently find themselves in a position of strength when they wish to enforce violations of their convents.  Where the terms of a covenant are unambiguous, courts will enforce such restrictions.  However, it is not uncommon for an owner who has violated the covenants to scramble for defenses to try to justify his or her …

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Absentee Owners and Unoccupied Condominium Units

In condominium associations throughout the state, it is common for there to be seasonal unit owners who leave their units unoccupied during portions of the year. For associations faced with periodically unoccupied units in multifamily condominium buildings, there are distinct legal issues worth considering in advance of problems arising.

Florida’s Condominium Act (the …

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What Associations Need to Know About Homestead

Article X, Section 4 of Florida’s Constitution protects homestead property from many kinds of forced sales. However, since foreclosures of homestead properties for unpaid association assessment debts and for unpaid mortgage debts occur routinely, it is easy to see how many homeowners’ associations and condominium associations are lulled into thinking that constitutional homestead property protections …

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Bankruptcy Basics for Community Associations

Associations generate nearly all of their funding through fees and special assessments paid by members of the shared ownership community. Some members who fall behind in their financial obligations may look to bankruptcy as a way to address their debts, so it is helpful for directors and property managers to be familiar with some of …

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