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Does Sunshine Law Apply to Smaller Boards?

Q: Please explain the “sunshine law” as it pertains to a three-member condominium board as compared to a five-member board. It seems that two directors discussing association business on a five-member board does not constitute a quorum, whereas two directors on a three-member board would. It seems that a smaller, three-member board is punished …

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Can One Section Ban Rentals?

Q: I live in a condominium and there are several disruptive annual renters.  There are six different sections but only one board.  Each section is governed by their own declaration of condominium.  Can one section approve an amendment to their declaration banning rentals even while other sections still allow rentals? G.P.

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Can I Trim Tree Limbs?

Q: I am a new owner of a home located within a deed restricted community. Many of the lots, including mine, have large oak trees located between the rear of the residence and the community property line. The oak trees are never trimmed by the association. One oak tree in particular is located on common …

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Can Pool Remain Closed?

Q: My condominium association board voted to close the swimming pool in late March due to the COVID-19 threat. A few days later Governor DeSantis signed the “Stay at Home” Order and specifically defined “swimming” as an essential activity. Does this mean that my condominium’s swimming pool closure is overturned by the Governor’s Order? …

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