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Can My Association Send Notices Electronically?

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Florida community associations are permitted to send membership meeting notices and certain board meeting notices to the owners electronically if the association obtains the written consent of the subject owner. The association attorney can assist in preparing the applicable consent form, which will need to include the designated e-mail address the owner wishes the notices to be sent to. Taking this step can undoubtedly help save time and money, however community associations must still send notices the “old-fashioned” way – yes, that’s right, through the mail – for any owner who does not give their consent to “go paperless.”  Hand-delivery of the notice can also be an option but hand-delivery does come with certain challenges and it is recommended to obtain a written receipt.  Also remember that there is a requirement to post these notices in a designated place within the condominium property, which must still be adhered to even if all owners have consented to receive meeting notices electronically.

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