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Hurricane Preparedness & Insurance Claims Recovery Webinar

Members of Becker & Poliakoff’s Hurricane Preparedness and Claims Recovery Team presented “Hurricane Season 2009: Are You Ready to Weather the Storm?”

Shareholders Ken Direktor and Herb Brock explained the importance of developing a disaster plan that includes safeguarding documents by making digital backups, advising residents of local shelters and identifying and coordinating with the Local Emergency Management Coordinator.

Participants learned about the emergency powers granted by the legislature in Section 718.1265, Florida Statutes and what they, as community leaders and managers, need to do to prepare for a substantial casualty.

Participants were reminded to review insurance policies and create a spreadsheet showing the types of policies, the carriers, policy numbers and contact information for the agent.  The speakers encouraged community association leaders to make arrangements with landscapers or other contractors in advance, so they are “first in line” to receive debris removal and other emergency services.

If you would like to view/listen to the recorded webinar, click on the link below.


Becker & Poliakoff, P.A. maintains an extensive library of disaster recovery resources for community associations, including a 12-point preparedness checklist, videocasts and numerous articles on its hurricane recovery website.  Click here to review those materials.


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