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Your Florida Board of Directors Now Has Emergency Powers as a Result of Hurricane Irma; What Will You Do With Them?

Governor Scott has declared a Florida-wide state of emergency which now deploys the emergency powers for volunteer boards found in Sections 718.1265, 719.128 and 720.316 of the Florida Statutes. Hurricane Irma may prove to be the testing ground for these emergency powers to determine, post-storm, if boards abused these powers and therefore the powers …

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Five Mistakes Your Board of Directors Can Avoid if Hurricane Irma Hits

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction and with Irma fast approaching the eastern US coastline, I could blog about the steps your community needs to take to prepare. I’ve written that blog post many times before and I often wonder how many board members, managers and community association residents have followed that advice.  …

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Associations Should Send Out Billing Notice For Special Assessments

Question:        I recently read one of your prior columns discussing the process for a condominium association to impose a special assessment and you stated that once an assessment has been levied, the Association should send out a notice to the owners setting forth the specific purpose of the special assessment and the …

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New Laws Can Cause Confusion

Question:        I read your recent column regarding the new Florida statutes. I am the manager of a homeowners’ association. The maintenance man and I each have a debit card in the association’s name for purchases of materials, emergency repairs, and the like. Under the new legislation, would we be allowed to continue …

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Review of Legislation continues – Part 5

2017 Legislation Changes Financial Reporting Requirements

Today’s column is the final installment of our annual review of legislation affecting Florida community associations.

In prior columns, we reviewed Senate Bill 398 dealing with “estoppel certificates,” and House Bill 1237 which only applies to condominiums and contains changes to the statute including board member …

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