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Can Anything Be Done About Solar Panels?

If you are living in an HOA, you probably have heard that the association cannot prohibit the installation of solar panels (or “solar collectors”). A Florida law, F.S. 163.04, provides that any “deed restriction or declaration” or even any “similar binding agreement” may not prohibit – or have the effect of prohibiting – solar collectors, …

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Can You Have Rules Dealing With Children?

In 1988, Congress added “familial status” – defined as including those family groups with children under 18 – to the list of protected groups under the Fair Housing Act. Since that time, condominium and homeowner associations have been discovering that their various rules regulating or prohibiting the use of the association’s facilities by those under …

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The Association’s Strong Hand for the Removal of Non-Approved Structures

Enforcing HOA restrictions can be a formidable task, implicating myriad overlapping declaration provisions, association rules, and Florida law. And going to court to get injunctive relief – a court order requiring an owner to comply – can seem even more daunting. The elements that are required to establish a basis for injunctive relief are: (1) …

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