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Best Practices for the Use of Video Cameras

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If an association undertakes the use of video cameras for its community, it should consider the following issues and measures:

  1. As the Division of Florida Condominiums, Time Shares and Mobile Homes has determined that the installation of a security camera is a material alteration, review the Declaration (in a condominium) to determine what vote is required (membership or just the Board).
  2. Ensure the equipment reliably indicates the date and time at which any video was recorded.
  3. Establish and follow procedures regarding proper installation, inspections, maintenance, testing, operation, and security.
  4. Establish and follow procedures for logging, storing, viewing, and destroying recordings. Preservation of such video records should also be part of the procedures. If there is ever a recorded incident on the property which is the subject of a lawsuit, those records must be preserved.
  5. Establish a policy or policies for access to recordings.
  6. Review/update policies and procedures annually.
  7. Place cameras in open and obvious locations for viewing public, not private, areas.
  8. Ensure the system is of sufficient quality to produce high-resolution images.
  9. Post signs conspicuously near cameras to inform persons that cameras are in use.
  10. Contact law enforcement concerning the use of such cameras.
  11. Consult with your insurance carrier.

As you can see, there are a number of issues to consider regarding the installation of a security camera. You should consult your Community Association attorney when making such decisions.

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