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Did you know Community Association Practice Group Shareholders Donna DiMaggio Berger, David Muller, and Joseph Adams write columns for the Miami Herald, the Naples Daily News, and News-Press, respectively? Check out their recent columns for informative articles on hot button issues and frequently asked questions pertaining to Emotional Support Animals,  short-term rentals, annual meeting requirements, and more!

Miami Herald

By Donna DiMaggio Berger

Opinion: Bill Would Benefit Condo Communities by Cutting Down on Support-Animal Fraud

Private residential communities currently deal with a plethora of Emotional Support Animal (ESA) requests, however there may be hope on the horizon. Newly filed bill, HB 2019, could help grant some relief to those who are trying to fraudulently pass off their furry (or scaly companions), if it passes in the 2020 Florida legislative session.

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For Some Condo Associations, ‘Short-Term Rentals’ Are Dirty Words

Short-term rentals are “dirty words” in some condominium, cooperative, and homeowners associations’ vocabularies. A large number of residents and board members believe that platforms like Airbnb will increase crime and nuisances in their communities. Recently, there has been a major push to prohibit these activities altogether.

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Weathering The Storm: A Top 10 List For Condo and HOA Boards

As all Floridians know, storm season can be a very hectic time. Preparation for – as well as the aftermath of – storms is stressful. Board members of community associations are hit particularly hard by the nerve-wracking days of hurricane season because not only do they have to worry about themselves, they also have to worry about common areas and the building structure position to be in this time of year.

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Naples Daily News

By David Muller

Notice of Annual Meeting Requirement

A condominium association sent out the first notice of an annual meeting and election late. Must the annual meeting be moved back and another first notice sent out?

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How much can be charged in transfer fees?

How much can a condominium association charge to review and approve a lease application received from a proposed annual renter? Can the same fee be charged for a seasonal renter?

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Can Both Spouses Continue to Serve on the Board?

Can spouses who jointly own a unit continue to serve on a board? Can a president who has committed violations replace the entire violations committee with his friends?

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By Joseph Adams

Law Does Not Limit Budget Increases

My condominium association is confused as to how the “115% rule” applies to its budget. Is the association prohibited from adopting a budget that exceeds 115% of the preceding year’s budget?

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Cable Rebates Questioned

Recently our homeowners’ association negotiated a new bulk cable and internet contract. The money is to be paid to the association in a lump sum. Is there a way to require the association to give the money back to the owners as a credit against their assessments?

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Manager Not Legally Required

The board of my association is considering terminating our management company’s contract and managing the association themselves. Is this permissible or is an association required to have a professional manager?

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