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Notice of Board Meeting Must Include Agenda

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Q: The board of directors of my condominium association recently voted on an issue that was not on the posted agenda. Following the meeting, the board realized that this was an error and there is a question as to how to correct the mistake. Should the board address this at the next board meeting and vote to undo what they voted on? (S.G., via e-mail)

A: Section 718 112(2)(c) of the Florida Condominium Act requires that notice of board meetings be posted on the condominium property at least 48 hours in advance (certain notices must be posted and sent to all owners 14 days in advance). The law goes on to say that the posed notice specifically must identify all agenda items. The public policy is that if owners know what the board will be voting on, they can decide if they would like to come to the meeting to observe or offer input.

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