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Neighbor Complaint Letters Not Confidential

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Q: Our association has a requirement that no cars be parked in the street. I keep receiving letters from the manager saying that keeping a car parked in front of my house is a violation and that the letters are because of complaints from my neighbors. Am I allowed to be told who complained? (M.P., via e-mail)

A: If the complaint was in writing, and if you request to see it, yes.

Written documents received by the association pertaining to the operation of the association, including complaint letters, are “official records.” Official records are generally available for inspection and copying by all owners. The association is obligated to make them available for inspection within 10 business days of receipt of a written request.

Certain official records are not open to inspection by owners. These include attorney-client privileged information, health records, personnel records of association or management company employees, personal identifying information of the owners, including e-mail addresses not used for official notice, and any address of the owners not used for official notice.

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