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Director Compensation: Do I Get Paid for This?

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Q:  I am considering running for the board of my condominium association. However, there is a lot of work involved in being on the Board. It can be a thankless position, which discourages many owners from volunteering. Can we compensate the members of the board as a way to encourage people to serve? (T.B. via e-mail)

A:  The Florida Condominium Act states that unless otherwise provided in the bylaws, the officers and the directors shall serve without compensation. So, unless your association’s bylaws provide for such compensation, compensation is prohibited.

The Florida Homeowners’ Association Act contains similar language.

While your sentiments are spot on, boards being paid for their service is very rare in the community association realm. I do think there would be some basis for concern as to whether paid directors would be held to higher standards of legal liability, as well as whether the typical nonprofit Directors and Officers Liability Insurance Policy written to cover association directors would be available.

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