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Community Update, Volume 4, 2014

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Slow moving mortgage foreclosures often result in homes or units being vacant for years with the owner completely ignoring what transpires with respect to the property.  The association notices someone seems to be living there – who is that person?  Are they a tenant?  Are they a guest?  Are they a squatter?  What can or should the association leaders do at this point?  Our feature article entitled Dealing with Squatters outlines some actions that are appropriate.

Did you know that your declaration may contain language that allows lenders that acquire title via foreclosure to avoid paying anything for past due assessments?  The article, Is Your Community Maximizing its Ability to Collect Assessments, describes what happened in one pivotal case.

Does your association notify its members when committee meetings are held?  Should it?  Find out by reading Committee Meetings: To Notice or Not to Notice, That is The Question.

Parking spaces are hot commodities in certain communities, but not all parking space assignments may be transferred. Our concluding article, Parking Spaces for Sale, discusses this issue.

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