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Sunshine Law Applies to Interviews

Q:        Recently my condominium association’s board held interviews with proposed new landscaping companies. All of the board members were present for the meetings. However, there was no notice posted and unit owners were not invited to attend. When questioned, the president of the board said that it was not a board meeting, but …

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Board Cannot Suspend Without Hearing

Q:        Our condominium association board imposed a suspension for use of common facilities as a penalty for an owner who had been renting in violation of our condominium documents. I stated that the suspension would require approval of our compliance committee. Our management company representative stated that the board had the authority to …

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Community associations need to be hurricane-proof, too

As Mike Tyson said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get hit.” This hurricane season is confirming the need for community associations to develop the right plans, learn from their experiences and continually refine their plans.

Many volunteer community association boards and their managers already know they should have date-stamped videos of their …

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