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Departing Condominium Board Member Must Relinquish Keys Within Five Days

Posted in Managers (CAMS), Operations, Reader Q&A

Question: Recently, our association’s president resigned and took a job with our management company at another complex. While our office manager was on vacation this former president was in her office for a few hours. If he resigned doesn’t he have to turn in his key to the office. He has no business in there…. Continue Reading

Ex-President Refuses to Return Keys

Posted in Operations, Reader Q&A

Question: The former president of our condominium association was voted out of office at the last annual meeting. However, he has refused to return certain property of the association, including the keys to all of the residents’ units. What recourse does the association have? M.M. (via e-mail) Answer: That is an unfortunate situation. The condominium… Continue Reading