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Staggered Terms Explained

Q:        The board of my condominium association is elected for “staggered terms” according to our bylaws. What does this mean? (D.L. via e-mail)

A:        The Florida Condominium Act provides that directors’ terms generally expire at the next annual meeting after their election. However, directors may serve two-year …

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Condominium Hurricane Insurance Set by Law

At post-Irma Week 6, most communities are back to business as normal, save perhaps figuring out what to do with mountains of landscape debris.

However, some associations are entering a critical period in post-disaster procedures. With the exception of those buildings which sustained catastrophic damage (and fortunately, there were a few), damaged buildings …

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Associations Should Prepare for Disaster in Advance

We are now over a month past Hurricane Irma.  While it certainly could have been significantly worse for Southwest Florida, many community associations are still working  through a variety of difficult issues, including processing insurance claims, continuing clean-up, and property restoration. While immediate attention must be paid to those issues, now is also a good …

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After the Hurricane, Associations Should Approach the Rebuilding Process with Care

Four weeks after Hurricane Irma, most associations have likely made progress in making temporary repairs to damaged communities. This week’s column will focus on the various issues that arise during the rebuilding process that occur after the storm. Part of such process includes selecting the appropriate contractor to perform the work and ensuring that the …

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Associations Should Proceed with Caution After Storm

Three weeks after Hurricane Irma, power and communications have been restored to most areas. Associations have had time to address their property damage, although under very difficult circumstances, including extended periods of being without electricity. By now, the following list of items should have been accomplished, except perhaps for communities experiencing the most significant damage. …

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