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Community Update

October 2018

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Fear not! We’ve got nothing here to scare you. Rather than something spooky on Halloween, we’re aiming for items that are helpful to clarify or ease the board member or management responsibilities you have for your community. So yes, it’s a treat!

Our first article, Term Limit Law Continues to Spark Controversy, takes a look at recent developments involving the new law establishing term limits for condominium board members and what courts have so far had to say on the matter.

Next up is an answer to the age-old question, Can a Condo Board Meet Behind Closed Doors? The article by this month’s spotlight attorney, David Muller, lets you know when it’s allowable.

We all know the old saying about fish and houseguests. But what to do when the guests aren’t your own? And worse yet, when they’re plain unruly? Banning Guests from a Gated Community spells it out for you.

You take your home security seriously and know you’ve covered all possible bases. Then the other age-old question arises: Why Do They Need a Key to My Unit??? gives you the answers you’re looking for.

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See you in our next issue!

Marilyn J. Perez-Martinez, Editor

  • Why Do They Need a Key to My Unit???

    “Every man may justly consider his home his castle and himself as the king thereof; nonetheless his sovereign fiat to use his property as he pleases must yield, at least in degree, where ownership is in common or cooperation with others. The benefits of condominium living and ownership demand no less” Sterling Village Condominium, …

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  • Banning Guests from a Gated Community

    Some communities have guests who are regular guests of an owner or tenant and violate the governing documents, or sometimes even violate the law by committing criminal acts. In such situations, gated communities, which have a guard 24/7 and can regulate access into the community, have asked whether their association can ban a guest and …

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  • Can a Condo Board Meet Behind Closed Doors?

    Yes, as a matter of fact, it is legal for a condominium association board to hold a closed board meeting, but only in certain circumstances. Section 718.112(2)(c)3, of the Florida Condominium Act, allows the board to hold a closed board meeting (where unit owners are not permitted to attend) in two situations. The first situation …

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  • Term Limit Law Continues to Spark Controversy

    There have been some interesting recent developments involving the new law establishing term limits for condominium board members, which has been the subject of at least two of my recent columns.

    The Florida Condominium Act was amended effective July 1, 2018 to provide that a board member may not serve more than 8 …

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Did you know?

We now have a West Coast compliment to Jeremy Shir’s established East Coast planning, zoning and entitlements practice.

Kathleen O. Berkey has recently joined our Community Association and Land Use and Zoning practices as a shareholder attorney and certified land planner (AICP) in Fort Myers. Kathleen joined us on September 21st.

Her practice focuses on community association law and land use/development-related issues including planning, zoning, and entitlements. In addition to her professional achievements, she was recently named to the Naples Herald’s Top 40 under 40 list.

Her skills and experience will greatly expand the range of capabilities that we offer clients at Becker.