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Community Update

June 2018

In this Issue

June’s edition of CUP brings a range of topics for managers and board members running a community association to consider. Whether you’re thinking about implementing firearm regulations, monitoring “garage sales,” hiring a new manager or sorting out that pesky Florida problem of boating docks, we’ve got something for you.

Our featured article, Can or Should Community Associations Impose Firearm Regulations through Governing Documents?, acknowledges the controversial debate around gun control and some of the higher profile shootings in recent history. It limits its discussion, however, to what courses of action homeowner associations should consider, or not, in light of recent case law when deciding whether to incorporate additional protective measures for its residents into the governing documents.

With “thrifting” a vogue shopping phenomenon these days, the article Garage Sale or Thrift Shop in Disguise? Doesn’t Matter. Your Homeowners Association Can do Something About it comes at the right retail moment. It addresses the all-too-frequent problem HOAs face when “garage sales” are really fronting a side hustle.

Our next article, Basic Tips For Hiring a Community Association Manager, provides a list of things to consider and do to make the search for outside help in running the day-to-day life of a community much easier.

Lastly, Easements by Necessity  Goldman v. Lustig gives insight into that all-too-Florida issue of houses and condominiums with waterfront access. Often, such access means a boat or three is involved. It’s a fluid issue, as it were, and this article examines the law of easements by necessity — how can one owner access their private boat dock if the only way they know how to get there is through someone else’s property?

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Marilyn J. Perez-Martinez, Editor

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