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Community Update

July 2018

In this Issue

Summer is here in full dew point oppression, and while many people take this time to vacate the area, many managers and board members are hard at work with the day-to-day operations and maintenance of Florida’s communities. In this issue, we hope to make some of that work a bit easier.

Our featured article, There’s a Membership Meeting in my HOA, Where Does the Notice get Mailed?, discusses a new “research” requirement for homeowners’ associations holding member meetings and offers some tips for making this requirement less of a burden.

“Good communication” is a truism for any healthy relationship and it holds true for community association management, too. What Did You Say? takes a look at some real-world ways in which clear, effective communications can make association boards and managers operate much more effectively.

Who is Responsible for Electrical Wiring and Plumbing Repairs? offers important insight into where an association’s maintenance responsibilities end and where an owner’s begin.

Lastly, Putting the Puzzle Together Regarding Insurance Coverage and Exclusions examines the complex universe of insurance policy exclusions and, in straightforward language, shows how you can sort out what is and isn’t covered under your policy.

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Marilyn J. Perez-Martinez, Editor

  • What Did You Say?

    In the community association world, it is fundamental for board members, managers and decision-makers to have good communication skills in order to succeed. Such skills are important in any business, but in community associations where membership and dues are mandatory, good communication is critically important.

    Many problems and misunderstandings are avoided by boards …

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  • Who is Responsible for Electrical Wiring and Plumbing Repairs?

    Disputes over maintenance, repair and replacement responsibilities are common in community associations and a well drafted declaration or amendment to the declaration can help prevent disputes over who (owner or association) is responsible for a specific item of maintenance.

    Regarding how to interpret your existing condominium documents, the unit boundaries will be defined …

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  • Putting the Puzzle Together Regarding Insurance Coverage and Exclusions

    In those pages and pages of insurance documents detailing your available insurance coverage you’ll also find exclusions explaining what is not covered in your insurance policy. There might, however, be some exceptions to those exclusions that should keep the claim from being excluded under the policy. Confused yet?

    That knotted paradigm is illustrated …

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Did you know?

Surely you must know Rosa de la Camara, shareholder in the Community Association Practice Group? Based in our Miami office, Rosa has been with Becker for 31 years and sits on the firm’s seven-person Management Committee. A South Florida native and graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, Rosa knows the intricacies of Florida’s community association law almost as well as she knows the boating routes around Key Biscayne and Elliot Key. One of only 129 attorneys statewide who is a Board Certified Specialist in Condominium and Planned Development Law (board certification is a recognition of having the highest standards of skill, specialty knowledge, proficiency, professionalism, and ethics in community association law) Rosa has authored many articles on the practice of community association law in English and Spanish – including this month’s What Did You Say? (Spanish translation available upon request) – and has been a featured speaker on local Spanish and English radio and television shows and at public service seminars for condominium and homeowner associations. She has served in leadership positions with local community organizations and has been appointed to several influential policy making positions due to her varied experience in all aspects of shared ownership housing law. As such, she works closely with local and state political and business leaders on laws and regulations impacting association operations and management. In true local form, however, a good glass of wine and a South Florida sunset is all Rosa needs to unplug from the demands of work. And, well, maybe a bigger boat.