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Community Update

April 2019

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As most everyone knows, volunteering to serve on your community’s board can oftentimes be a thankless job. This month, we break down some of the rights and responsibilities that the position holds.

In our featured article, Can an Association Be Held Liable for Discriminatory Conduct of Residents?” we explore some of the questions that arise from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s rule stating that associations can be held liable for failing to correct discriminatory acts of residents.

Board members must provide written notice of resignation but do they also need to provide a specific reason for leaving their position? Find out in, Can a Director Resign For Any Reason?”

Our last article, “Election Voting Assistance,” discusses under what circumstances proxy voting is allowed.


In case you missed it, check out our most popular CUP article this year, Enforcement Tool Belt – Fining and Suspension.“ This article discusses the enforcement options available to an association for violations of the rules and regulations by owners and their guests, tenants and invitees.

Don’t miss our new Spanish feature! Check out this month’s “Did you know?” section to learn more, subscribe, and read our first article, “¿Vive usted en una comunidad que no acepta animales?”

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Marilyn J. Perez-Martinez, Editor

  • Can Director Resign for Any Reason?

    I have met with many boards over the years and often find that they are tireless volunteers who due to malcontents in the community being unappreciative and rude chose to resign from the Board rather than continue dealing with the …

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  • Election Voting Assistance

    In the Condominium Act, it is very clear that only a unit’s owner can vote in election. That means that an election can’t be decided through the use of proxies (limited or general). There is an exception for associations with …

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  • ICYMI: Enforcement Tool Belt – Fining/Suspension

    In the proverbial “tool belt” of enforcement options available to an association for violations of the rules and regulations, the imposition of fines and suspensions is one that we frequently get questions about due to the procedures that must be …

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Can They Do That?

Episode 04 of “Can They Do That?” is now available!

Your association is planning a big 4th of July party that also happens to be quite expensive. In episode 04 of “Can They Do That?,” Rosa de la Camara discusses whether or not a community social event can be deemed a legitimate common expense.

When it comes to association rules and bylaws, there seem to be more questions than answers.  Becker’s video series, “Can They Do That?” tackles some of the unique problems that homeowners and renters face today. We answer questions, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. From service animals to nudists in your community, we get to the bottom of it and let you know – “Can They Do That?”

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Did you know?

New Spanish Feature: CondoMundoUSA

This Month’s Article
¿Vive Usted en Una Comunidad Que No Acepta Animales?

A few years ago, my colleague Marty “Martica” Platts and I started a Spanish blog “CondoMundoUSA”.  Given the vast Latin and Hispanic culture throughout Florida we wanted to make sure this vital part of Florida was enjoying the same benefit of knowledge and information we have been providing for over 40 years.  The Spanish edition was a labor of fun love that we are excited to bring back in 2019, depending on demand.

For the next three months, we will  feature an article in Spanish touching on an important community association issue.  If you are interested in receiving this type of content, please subscribe below. We also welcome your feedback and any article topic requests that you may have. Please reach out to us at CondoMundoUSA@beckerlawyers.com.  If demand is great for this new service, we will incorporate the feature on a regular basis going forward.