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Condominium Board Cannot Wink at House Cats

Posted in Association Documents, Housing for Older Persons (55 and Over), Pets, Rules & Regulations

Question: Our association has a “no pet” policy, going back to the developer’s original bylaws. The board has generally enforced it, but has let a few elderly owners keep “indoor cats,” since they really do not bother anyone. My neighbor recently purchased a large dog which barks constantly, keeping me awake at night. I filed… Continue Reading

Installing Tile Causes Noise Problems

Posted in Reader Q&A

Question: I am having a problem at my condominium. Our documents prohibit owners from installing tile flooring in their living rooms or bedrooms without board approval. However, the board has neglected to address this issue in the past and a number of owners have installed tile flooring throughout their units. Most recently, my upstairs neighbor… Continue Reading

Sympathetic Board Avoids Selective Enforcement Defense

Posted in Covenant Enforcement/Violations, Operations

Does your community association enforce all pet restrictions uniformly and consistently?  It’s typical, expected, and almost commonplace when community association boards of directors, managers, maintenance staff or residents “ignore” what is seen as harmless violations of the recorded restrictions or rules and regulations with regard to pets, only to be outraged later when someone sneaks in a… Continue Reading