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Can The Condominium Association’s Lawyer Also Represent The Manager?

Posted in Reader Q&A

Question: A unit owner in the condominium where I live filed separate complaints with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation against the condominium association and the management company, The association’s legal counsel represented both the association and the management company with respect to these complaints, Is it legal and/or ethical for an attorney to… Continue Reading

Management Company Contract Extension In Dispute

Posted in Reader Q&A

Question: We have a contract with a management company. It does not come up for renewal until the middle of next year. There is an uncontested election soon, and there will be a new board in place when the contract comes up. The current board recently got together to vote on extending the contract before… Continue Reading

Conflict of Interest Can Be Overcome By Abstention

Posted in Reader Q&A

Question: I live in a community operated by a homeowners’ association. The board president went to work for our management company. He then became the vice president of the board, and continues to work for the management company. I think this is a conflict of interest, what do you think? J.C. (via e-mail)  Answer: I… Continue Reading

Management Company Response on Insurance Issue

Posted in Insurance

Continental Group Property Management issued a response to the article that appeared in the Sun-Sentinel entitled "Property Managers Make Money Off Condo’s Insurance".   I commented on the article in the post entitled More on Conflicts of Interest: Management Company Commissions? The letter explains the relationship between Continental and First Service Financial (FFI).  Its CEO notes that Continental’s clients… Continue Reading

More on Conflicts of Interest: Management Company Commissions?

Posted in Assessment Collection, Insurance

Conflicts of interest, or at least claims of conflict of Interest are in the news lately.  The Sun-Sentinel ran an article entitled "Property Managers Make Money Off Condo’s Insurance" on Sunday.  It says some of the property management companies are affiliated with insurance agencies that procure property insurance.  If the board of directors selects the products or… Continue Reading