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Estoppel Bill Approved by Governor and Remaining Community Association Bills Presented to the Governor

Posted in CALL Alert, Estoppel, Legislation

Yesterday, the Governor approved SB 398, Relating to Estoppel Certificates.  The effective date of the new law is July 1, 2017.  If you would like to hear more about the estoppel bill, please watch the video or read the summary below. Also yesterday, HB 653, Relating to Community Associations, by Rep. Moraitis, and HB 1237,… Continue Reading

Assessments and Combined Lots in Florida HOAs

Posted in Assessment Collection, Association Documents, Governing Documents, taxation

Question: I live in a homeowners’ association community. Recently, one of our owners purchased the vacant lot next to their home. The owner has now combined the properties into one parcel with the taxing authorities and is now demanding that the association only charge them assessments for one lot, instead of two. Is this appropriate?… Continue Reading

HOA Management Contracts Should Spell Out Extra Fees In Detail

Posted in Reader Q&A

Question: Our homeowners’ association recently signed a new contract with a management company. The contract discusses a number of fees that the management company will charge the association in connection with handling certain owner-related tasks such as collections and records inspection. Are these charges permissible? E.M. (via e-mail)   Answer: There are two issues to… Continue Reading

Management Collection Fees

Posted in Assessment Collection

It is very likely that your management company charges a fee to delinquent owners if they send collection letters or take other action to collect a delinquent assessment. After all, they are doing extra work that wouldn’t be necessary if the owner paid on time.