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Can My Condominium Association Remove Palm Trees?

Posted in Association Documents, Common Areas, Governing Documents, Landscaping, Material Alteration

Question: Our condo board wants to remove 44 mature Foxtail palms that shade the courtyards of our 22 coach home buildings. They claim their roots threaten the sidewalk pavers, but there are low cost solutions to address that concern.  The board also raises a concern regarding the palm fronds touching the roofs, but that is… Continue Reading

Reverse Recall: Challenging the Board’s Certification

Posted in Operations

While the recall process is widely known, many community leaders are unaware of a process authorized by the Division of Florida Condominiums, Time Shares and Mobile Homes referred to as a “reverse recall”. A recall attempt may fail if the Board of Directors does not handle the recall effectively.  In many instances there is a… Continue Reading