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Did My Association Legally Adjourn a Membership Meeting to a Later Date?

Posted in Governing Documents, Meetings, Operations, Voting

Question: My condominium association was set to have a big vote on some controversial amendments to the governing documents a few weeks ago. The proposed amendments include leasing changes that are onerous to investors and changes to the pet rules that seem totally unnecessary. I am strongly against these amendments, as are many other owners…. Continue Reading

Can a Florida HOA Reject the Votes of a Tenant Proxyholder?

Posted in Voting

Question: I recently attended the annual meeting of my homeowners’ association. Many absentee owners sent in proxies. The association’s attorney advised the association to reject several proxies because they named a tenant as the proxyholder. The attorney said that only association members may serve as proxyholders. Is this true and should these proxies have been… Continue Reading

The Law Protects Proxy Vote in Condominiums

Posted in Operations, Reader Q&A

Question: We recently received a proxy for our upcoming condominium association’s annual meeting. The proxy states that if we do not appoint a proxyholder the secretary will be the proxyholder and cast the votes for the absent members. What would prevent the secretary from “loading the vote”? P.S. (via e-mail) Answer: The law. If your… Continue Reading