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Florida Shared Ownership Statutes Continue to Catch up with Digital Age

Posted in Elections, Legislation

Given the significant percentage of Floridians living in all types of shared ownership communities, it is not surprising that each year we see at least a handful of bills pass which directly or indirectly impact those private residential communities and one primary association bill which contains both substantive changes and technical fixes needed to address… Continue Reading

Arbitration – A Primer

Posted in Arbitration & Court Rulings

There are times when a person’s “day in court” is not immediately available in the condominium setting in light of the arbitration [§718.1255] provision in the Condominium Act. This post is one of three which will be address different aspects of arbitration. This post defines disputes which require arbitration and gives insight on the general arbitration process.

Changes to Chapter 558

Posted in Construction Issues & Contractual Disputes

Chapter 558, Florida Statutes, the construction defect and notice statute, was changed by the legislature in the most recent term. The changes made by the legislature are as follows: The term “completion of a building or improvement” is now defined to include the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy or equivalent, or substantial completion. “service”… Continue Reading