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Convicted Felons Ineligible for Condo Board Service in Florida

Posted in Board Eligibility, Elections

Question: My condominium association’s annual meeting is next month. Several of us are concerned because we have been told that one of the individuals running for the board was charged with felony security law violations. While he was apparently never convicted, a lifetime ban from the securities industry was imposed against him and he was… Continue Reading

Embracing Technology for the Betterment of Florida’s Residential Communities

Posted in Elections, Fraud, Voting

The commentary published Aug. 23 by attorney Jason M. Vanslette of Kelley Kronenberg regarding online voting for community associations fails to acknowledge or address the needs of such associations, the changing demographic in Florida communities or the capabilities of the available software. Rather, the article reflects thinking that is stuck in the past. Florida has… Continue Reading

Online Voting: A Tool for Voter Inclusion and Fraud Deterrence

Posted in Elections, Fraud, Operations, Voting

Over the past few weeks, the Miami Herald and Univision have teamed up to investigate allegations of fraudulent condominium elections, primarily in Miami-Dade County. In fact, Miami-Dade County by far has the highest number of complaints of any county in Florida for voter fraud, according to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, accounting for… Continue Reading

Arrests continue against condo/HOA leaders for fraud or theft

Posted in Fraud

The story about the arrest of the former acting president of a homeowners’ association in Sunrise, Florida prompted me to remind community leaders of the most common fraud techniques.  It has been a long time since we visited this issue in Condo Associations & HOAs Losing Millions Nationwide. Fraud and theft in community associations seem to be more… Continue Reading

Associations Can Help Tackle Homestead Fraud – But Should They?

Posted in Operations

Florida has distinct and separate laws regarding “homestead” or a “homestead exemption”. One set of laws are the laws that protect homestead property from forced sale and from having a judgment or other liability result in a lien against the property.  This exemption is governed by Article 10, Section 4, of the Constitution of the State of Florida, which exempts a… Continue Reading

Protect the Association’s Funds from Fraud or Theft

Posted in Assessment Collection, Operations

Community Association Boards of Directors Must Safeguard Association Funds. Recent Arrests and Reported Losses Demonstrate Lack of Financial Oversight. Community Associations simply cannot function without adequate cash flow.  Community leaders have a fiduciary obligation to monitor and protect the Association’s funds.  Handling the finances of the Association can be a daunting task, especially if the… Continue Reading