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President Can’t Buck the Association Board in Florida HOAs

Posted in Association Documents, Elections, Governing Documents, Meetings

Question: I am one of five directors on my homeowners’ association’s board. After this year’s annual meeting, we elected new officers. The person voted in as president says that he can make any decision he chooses, and does not need a vote from the board. For example, he has said that he can terminate our… Continue Reading

HOA Board Members Should be Wary about Contracting with Their Association

Posted in Budgets, Reserves & Financial, Fiduciary Duty of Board of Directors, Landscaping, Service Contracts

Question: I own the company that provides landscaping services to the community where I live. The association recently sent out a notice soliciting self-nominations for the board of directors. I submitted my nomination, but the board has indicated that I am not eligible to run given the current contract between the association and my landscape… Continue Reading

Management Company Contract Extension In Dispute

Posted in Reader Q&A

Question: We have a contract with a management company. It does not come up for renewal until the middle of next year. There is an uncontested election soon, and there will be a new board in place when the contract comes up. The current board recently got together to vote on extending the contract before… Continue Reading

Association Contracts: Beware of Doctrine of Apparent Authority

Posted in Operations

More in our series of questions asked by local community leaders.  Question:  What makes a contract legal? Who has to sign it? Is it only our Secretary? Answer: There are entire treatises devoted to this subject. From an attorney’s point of view, contracts must contain mutual obligations and adequate consideration to be valid and binding. The… Continue Reading