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Fining Procedures Confound Condominium & Cooperative Boards in Florida

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Question: Our association tried to fine an owner who violated our rules, but decided the process was too complicated. Can you provide a step-by-step outline of how fines are issued and collected? (M.G. by e-mail) Answer: Fines can be imposed against condominium and cooperative unit owners, occupants, licensees and invitees. The law for homeowners’ associations… Continue Reading

Management Collection Fees

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It is very likely that your management company charges a fee to delinquent owners if they send collection letters or take other action to collect a delinquent assessment. After all, they are doing extra work that wouldn’t be necessary if the owner paid on time.

LIVE WEBINAR: Funding Owner Delinquencies: Collecting Rent From Tenants

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The 2010 Florida Legislature created new procedures for community associations to collect assessments from tenants of owners who are in arrears. You’ll want to join us to hear about these new collection techniques and to learn how to avoid pitfalls in the process.