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Florida Condo Board May Have Authority to Approve Changes to Common Areas

Posted in Association Documents, Common Areas, Material Alteration, Voting

Question: Recently, my condominium association installed a bike rack and bench on the property. Following the installation, I questioned the board whether these changes should have been approved by 75% of all unit owners. In response, the board stated that our documents allow the board to spend up to 5% of the association’s budget on… Continue Reading

Drafter’s Intent Regarding Parking Spaces Needs To Be Understood In Condo Governing Documents

Posted in Common Areas, Reader Q&A

Question: Our declaration of condominium states that parking spaces shall be authorized only for the “parking of private passenger automobiles”, and may not be used to park trucks, campers, trailers or “any other type of vehicle.”  When the building was built over 30 years ago, a bicycle rack was placed on the parking lot for… Continue Reading