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Going Digital

Recently, Congress enacted legislation that requires all over the air broadcast television signals to be transmitted in a digital format. This means that the aerial, “rooftop” and “rabbit ear” antennas designed to receive analog signals will no longer be of any use. In fact, if your television set is not capable of receiving a …

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Condominium Warranties and the Statute of Limitations

It is important for all condominium purchasers to know the very strong warranties that come with their purchase of a condominium unit. A developer grants each first-time purchaser of a condominium unit implied warranties under Section 718.203, Florida Statutes. The warranties are for fitness of purchase and merchantability and commence upon the issuance of …

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HOA & Condo Boards: Solar and Renewable Energy Improvements

Florida Law Governs Rules or Covenants Prohibiting Solar Collectors or other Renewable Resource Energy Devices.

Many community leaders may not be aware of Section 163.04, Florida Statutes which prohibits enforcement of restrictions precluding homeowners from obtaining energy from renewable resources.

Florida’s legislators made sure …

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