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In the Green: How Clean Energy Upgrades are a Smart Energy Move for Your Community
11/14/2011 Presented by Lisa A. Magill and Doug Coward.

2011 Communities of Excellence Best Practices: Disaster Preparedness Initiatives
10/22/11 Attorneys Lisa Magill, Sanjay Kurian,  Ed Latalladi, Executive Director, of the award winning Ibis POA & Director of Public Safety of Ibis Golf & Country Club in West Palm Beach and Mary Blakeney, the Assistant Operations Manager with Palm Beach County’s Division of Emergency Management, who judged the Disaster Preparedness Initiatives Category.

Hurricane Recovery: Contracting and Engineering After the Storm
07/14/2011 Moderated by Lisa A. Magill, Presented by Aaron Pruss and Steve Mainardi. Running Time: 57:18

2011 FLORIDA LEGISLATIVE SESSION: New Laws Affecting Community Associations
06/13/11 Presented by Ken Direktor, Yeline Goin, David Muller, Travis Moore, Rep. George Moraitis

Disaster Planning for the 2011 Hurricane Season: Are You Ready to Weather the Storm?
06/01/2011 Presented by William Strop, Sanjay Kurian and Robert Rubin

New Estate Tax Laws: What You Need to Know
03/23/2011 Moderated by Julie Ann Garber and Andrew Berger

Important Issues on the Maintenance and Operation of Your Associations’s Physical Plant
12/17/2010 Moderated by Ken Direktor, presented by Chris Thornton, Ryan Carpenter and Henry Castro

Funding Owner Delinquencies: Collecting Rent From Tenants
12/01/2010 Moderated by Lisa A. Magill, Presented by Scott Petersen and Seth Heller. Running time 57:58

Analysis of an Insurance Coverage Lawsuit
09/29/2010 Moderated by Ken Direktor, Presented by Robert I. Rubin and Andrea C. Northrop.
Running time: 57:03

Hurricane Preparedness During  A Restoration Project: How to Protect Your Structure In the Wake of a Hurricane
08/25/2010 Moderated by Steve Lesser
Running time: 59:43

Flood Insurance: What you Should Know to Protect Your Community
08/19/2010 Presented by Greg Marler and Tammy Lovecchio. Moderated by Ken Direktor
Running time: 1:01:10

Anatomy of a Disaster Claim
07/23/2010, Presented by Herb Brock and Rick Slider. Moderated by Steven Lesser.
Running time: 1:05:52

The Gulf Oil Spill Effects in Florida: How To Navigate the Claims Process with BP and your Insurance Carrier
06/25/2010, Presented by John Cottle, Esq. and Sanjay Kurian, Esq.
Running time: 01:00:03

2010 Florida Legislative Session: New laws Affecting Community Associations
05/12/2010, Presented by David Muller, Esq., Yeline Goin, Esq., Travis Moore, and Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff
Running time: 1:29:07

Estate Planning Webinar
04/16/2010, Presented by Andrew Berger, Esq. and Julie Ann Garber, Esq. Running time: 1:21:07

Hurricane Preparedness
12/15/2009, Presented by Steven B. Lesser. Running time: 58:34

Issues Affecting Community Associations: A Preview of the 2010 Legislative Session

Don’t Let This Happen to You: Avoiding Pitfalls in Construction Contracts
06/30/2009, Presented by Steven B. Lesser and Lisa A. Magill
Running Time: 1:14

What Your Insurance Carrier Doesn’t Want You to Know: Preparing and Presenting an Insurance Claim for Maximum Recovery
06/20/2009, Presented by Kenneth S. Direktor and Sanjay Kurian
Running Time: 1:10

The New AIA Documents: What Every Contractor Needs to Know
05/12/2009, Presented by Steven B. Lesser and Belinda Bacon
Running Time 0:56

Navigating Local Government and the Procurement Process
03/24/2009, Presented by Carlos Gimenez and William J. Cea
Running Time: 1:10

Practical Steps to Protecting Contractors During Economic Hard Times
02/10/2009, Presented by Lee A. Weintraub and Ryan F. Carpenter
Running Time: 1:00