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Some Condominium Owner Information Is Public Record in Florida

Posted in Common Areas, Privacy, Safety and security

Florida Condominium Law Becker PoliakoffQuestion: I recently purchased a condominium unit. There is a board posted next to the elevator to my unit that contains the names of all unit owners and their unit numbers. Is the association authorized to do this? (D.L. by e-mail)

Answer: There is no legal prohibition against publishing this particular information. It is a matter of public record.

The Florida Condominium Act protects certain telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and other “personal identifying information” of unit owners, including social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and credit card numbers.
Although the law does not clearly define what is and is not “personal identifying information,” unit owner names and unit number are not personal identifying information and can be readily obtained from the website of the county property appraiser.

However, I would say it is not common for owner lists to be posted in the common areas of condominium buildings. If you have privacy concerns, you should address it with the board or the association’s manager.